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Photography is something that I think is coming and going. The longing for taking the camera out and shooting is there all the time. But doing that is not the same.

One thing I often do is comparing myself and my pictures with people who are so much better than my pictures. This is because I will try to get better. But in some cases it will press down instead. When you hear that there are people who think that my photos are really good,
I think there are much better pictures. But what one has to do is to take every time someone praises your’s pictures and be thankful.
It will make the inspiration increase and you can stand out and capture more pictures and create something that you can be happy with.

I’m an amateur when it comes to photography, but I’m happy to do that anyway. Here you will find some photos that I have taken and I hope there are some pictures that you like. And I hope there can be pictures here that can give you inspiration to take you out and photograph.

Exercitatio Artemparavit


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